Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Salad from wheaten groats

1 glasses of large wheaten groats, 1/2 glasses fresh
Peas, 1,5 glasses of water, on 1/2 С‡. Spoons of the salt, ground
Black pepper, 1 glass of cut parsley,
1/4 glasses of small cut fresh mint (or 1 item
Spoon dried), 2 tomatoes cut on 8 segments,
1/4 glasses of vegetable oil, 1/2 pods cleared
From seeds and the crushed red pepper, a mug
Sweet pepper.

To pour water in a 2-litre heavy pan and to boil.
To put groats, peas, salt, black pepper. To remove
Pan from fire and to leave on half an hour. For this time water
It will be absorbed in grains. If there will be a surplus of water, to merge it.
When salad will cool down, to shift in a bowl and cautiously to mix
With remained components. To decorate with circles
Sweet pepper. To submit salad warm or cooled.

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