Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pineapple sauce with raisin

1 big ripe pineapple, on 72 С‡. Spoons of seeds of cardamom,
garam-masaly, 2/3 glasses of fruit sugar,
73 glasses of raisin, 3 items of a spoon of drawn butter, 1 pod
Sharp red pepper, on 72 items of a spoon of caraway seeds and
Coriander seeds.

Pineapple to clear of a peel and a core, to cut on slices
In the size 20x6x6 mm (juice to keep). To heat up the baked
Oil in a 2-litre pan with a bottom on an average
Fire. In hot, but oil not smoking yet to put the cleared
From seeds a pepper pod, caraway seeds, a coriander and to fry, while
They will not darken a little. Cautiously to add pineapple and it
The juice, seeds of cardamom slightly crushed in a mortar and.
To cook, often stirring slowly, on moderately weak fire,
While fruit does not become soft, and juice will not boil down. By the end
To stir constantly that sauce has not burnt. To add sugar and
Raisin, slightly to lower fire and to cook, often stirring slowly, while
does not become glossy and dense. To submit at once or
To put in a refrigerator; to store in the closed kind till 4 days.
Before giving to finish to a room temperature.

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