Tuesday, September 7, 2010

House yoghurt

1/2 glasses of low-fat dried milk, 1/3 glasses warm
Whole milk, 1 l of milk, 3 items of a spoon of the fat
Sweetish yoghurt.

To mix dried milk with warm milk (the room
Temperatures). To shake up to a homogeneous consistence and occurrence
Foams. Quickly to finish 1 l of milk to boiling in
To heavy 3-litre pan, constantly stirring slowly. Then
To cool. To rinse with boiled water 1,5—2-liter a vessel
And to drain it. When milk will cool down, to pour in 1/2 glasses
In a vessel to add the yoghurt prepared for ferment
And to shake up before uniformity reception. To pour in the remained
Milk and mix with dried milk; all is good for mixing.
To cover with a pure towel or a cover and at once to put
In a warm place (30—43 °С). Later 5—6 ч to check up,
Whether milk was curtailed. Yoghurt should be dense
And dense. If milk was not curtailed, to wait still,
Checking each hour. If through 12 ч milk and not
It will be curtailed, means, it was stale, or a little sterilised,
Or it is badly mixed with ferment, or there is not enough
теплоизолировано during time сквашивания, or
Ferment was unsuitable.

As soon as milk will be curtailed, to put it in a refrigerator,
Having closed a cover. It is better to use yoghurt during 3
Days though it can be stored and 4—5 days.

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