Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carrie from cabbage

600 g cabbage, 400 g of potatoes, 100 grams of tomato paste1 cup broth or water 3 / 4 cup vegetablebutter, 400 g onion, 1 tbsp. teaspoon curry powder, 1 / 2 hoursspoon of cumin and paprika, 2 bayleaf, 5 cloves, and salt.
Heat the oil, lightly fry it sliced ringsonions. Add the curry and stew for 3-4 minutes on lowfire. Add the remaining seasonings and cabbage stew, and allwith continuous stirring for 10 min. Cut the peeledpotatoes into cubes and add to the pot alongwith tomato paste, meat broth or water. Cook onlow heat until tender. Before serving, remove bayleaf and cloves and salt.

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