Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cucumbers with mint and a strawberry

2 enough a large cucumber, a 0,5-one-litre jar washed out
And the drained strawberry, 2 items of a spoon of the lemon
Juice, 3 items of a spoon of orange juice, 1/4 glasses small
The cut fresh mint, 1 pinch of the ground red
Pepper, 2 items of a spoon nut or vegetative

To clear cucumbers and to cut them at first across on 2—3
Parts, and then each piece lengthways on 4 parts. To arrange
These wedges a pattern on big a dish. To remove
From a strawberry a fruit stem to cut berries half-and-half. Beautifully
To arrange between cucumbers. To mix lemon and
Orange juice, mint, pepper, oil and to shake up until then,
While the mix will not turn to the homogeneous. To pour out refuelling
On salad before the giving.

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